Hi everyone. I know this project has been a tad bit neglected over the past few months, so here's an update.

I haven't received any scrapbook pages yet, but Annie is finished her's and ready to send it in. (Yay!) If you are finished your section, please let me know and I will send you my address. Also, the deadline for submissions has obviously been set back, but since we aren't positive when Hanson are going to tour, the tentative deadline for submissions will be end of October. Thoughts? Questions? Don't hesitate! :)
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More deets on scrapbook

Just to clarify, the scrapbook format will be 8.5"x11" pages. You can lay your pages out horizontally or vertically - your choice.
What I am going to do is put the pages in plastic protective sheets and place it all in a binder that I will decorate to look like those fancy scrapbooks that cost too much. =p
Update: I found a scrapbook at Winners for $3! I'm going to redecorate the cover a bit -- maybe make it red & white? Not sure. I'll think about that.
If you have any ideas on what sort of theme we should go with/what to call the scrapbook, don't hesitate to offer your suggestions! Also, the deadline for submissions is roughly mid August. When you are ready to send your page(s) in, let me know and I will email you my address! Thanks everyone!
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Nominating colleges

Don't forget that part of our project involves nominating colleges/universities. A recent look at the list of Canadian colleges and universities that have been submitted is well... lackluster. Before you disregard this part of the project as a futile effort, remember that Concordia University recently got a documentary screening and live webcast interview. (Read the article here.) So, don't give up everyone! Keep submitting!

And, going through some old threads on the ST Forum, I came across something Leigh had posted about submitting colleges.

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Lastly, here's the college request form: http://www.hanson.net/CollegeRequest/.
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I am excited that this project now has an LJ community :) To get things going, I figured I'd make a post about the upcoming project: the Canada scrapbook! I think we're supposed to have everything sent in by the end of the summer, but I am on vacation until June 14, and then at camp all summer, and then I move away from home. Soooo me and my Hanson pals took off around St. John's NL and took all the pictures we could think of for the scrapbook. Wanna get a preview? Check this out: http://users.hanson.net/jasmine84/hansonnl.html

So, all the rest of ya, get goin eh?! Oh yeah, and lately there seem to be many more NL fans rising to the surface, so if you are in on this project, PLEASE take some pictures and send them to me!!!! The more representation from NL the better! My e-mail is jasmine84[at]hanson.net.

K I'm done!